Developing cutting-edge risk and investment management solutions.


Dedicated to serving pension funds and other asset owners.


Focused on developing customised, client-centric, solutions.

A fast-changing global environment demands that we acutely harness the ever-growing computing power at our disposal to identify, measure, manage and mitigate risks.

We are a purpose-driven team of technocrats focused on developing cutting-edge risk and investment management solutions for our clients in the financial services industry.

All investments carry with them some degree of risk, some more so than others.

We work with financial institutions, professional money managers and individual investors to determine what investment risks exist in their investments and build solutions for them.

About Us

We partner with our clients to develop and deploy investment risk management solutions that are scientifically designed to enhance their risk-adjusted investment returns. We are a research-driven team of risk and investment management actuaries passionate about developing solutions that our clients can count on.

Our Team

As risk and investment management specialists with backgrounds in actuarial consulting, fund allocation and manager research, we are a team made up of professionals from both the industry and the academia. We believe best risk management solutions in the investment management industry are those developed at the intersection of academic theory, empirical evidence and best industry practice.

Who We Serve

RIMCA is dedicated to serving asset owners, financial institutions, professional investment managers, individual investors, and government and quasi-government institutions. Our services include: Forensics-Based Actuarial Consulting, Customised Investment Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management and Actuarial Peer-Review Work.