We partner with our clients to develop and deploy investment risk management solutions that are scientifically designed to enhance their risk-adjusted investment returns. We are a research-driven team of risk and investment management actuaries passionate about developing solutions that our clients can count on.


We firmly believe in the power of science and technology in the analysis of investments and development of risk-mitigating strategies. Our disciplined, process-driven approach strives to take the guesswork out of investment risk management.

Our clients come to us seeking independent view-points and customised risk management solutions to their investment management strategies.

What motivated us?

The last decade has witnessed a massive proliferation of complex investment strategies and a consequent growing mass exodus out of traditional asset classes to the ever-growing range of alternatives. While this is a most welcome development, as it certainly expands the investors’ efficient frontier, it has deepened the risk challenges that investors face. We have harnessed our combined experience of more than fifty years in the financial services industry to develop solutions that help investors better understand the opportunities that this expanded investment universe brings about. We focus squarely on seeking sources of risk-reward ratio improvements taking advantage of technological advancements for investment risk identification, measurement, management and mitigation.